Through the website, social media pages and the app, we facilitate the connecting of communities with businesses in the area.

As an influencer, our name for the general members of the public who sign up, membership is free and they can search for and recommend practices in the area. There’s also the events calendar, local news, networking events and exclusive offers. Think of it as a modern day Town Hall.

As a business, whether you’re a small start up baking in your kitchen, or a larger more established company, you get to make use of the many untapped resources in your area and introduce yourself directly to the people who not only make up your market, but are active and very involved in the area. Constantly searching for new products and places to go.

There are two paid options, Entrepreneur and Power Player. Both offer excellent value for money and allow you to promote yourself on the website, facebook, newsletter, press releases, Bellville Market and attend workshops.

The Power Player, however, gives you that extra boost and online presence with articles, website banners and carefully positioned content. You will also receive extra support and coaching and sponsorship and speaking opportunities.

During the launch of this programme, which has been extensively researched, we are also giving the first Power Players extra perks, such as being used in the media as examples for the directory pages. Both levels get the first few months free.

Both levels get in-store signage and a digital badge that you can add to all promotional material.

We encourage you to add an offer or deal to your listing, however this is not compulsory. It will, however, help boost your listing and traffic to your website. The deal and be anything as long as it is exclusive to our Influencers, and it can be removed at anytime.

If there are any questions please contact [email protected]

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